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RustDesk is an open-source, self-hosted TeamViewer alternative.

This uses the "S6-overlay based image" for RustDesk which ships both hbbs and hbbr in a single container.

hbbs is the RustDesk ID/Rendezvous server. hbbr is the RustDesk relay server. Both are needed for a functional RustDesk deployment.

When hbbs is first run, it will generate a public/private key pair for the clients to use. You can see this take place in the logs:

INFO [src/] Private/public key written to id_ed25519/

You can view the contents of this key by browsing to your config folder, for instance, ~/.config/appdata/rustdesk.


This application does not have any specific setup instructions documented. If you need assistance setting up this application please visit our support page.