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Tandoor is a recipe manager and so much more. You can import recipes from thousands of websites, generate mealplans, manage your shopping list. Share and collaborate with your friends and family using a mobile friendly web interface.


This application has extensive customization options, most docker env variables are documented in the .env.template If you run into any issues, enable debug mode to collect logs before opening a ticket.

The application requires a secret key for cryptographic signing. It can be any string, but it is recommend to generate a random string. On linux you can run tr -dc A-Za-z0-9 </dev/urandom | head -c 32; echo to generate a random 32 character string.

Running with PostgreSQL

It is highly recommended to use this application with a PostgreSQL database. To setup with postgres, after installing a postgres server (or enabling the DockSTARTer app) create a database and edit .env to use postgres instead of sqlite. TANDOOR_DATABASE_URL='postgresql://<postgres_user>:<postgres_password>@<postgres_host>/<tandoor_db>:5432

Optionally, make tandoor dependent on the postgres container

      - postgres_host

Running with SWAG

It is also highly recommended to serve media files with a web server. If you are already using SWAG you can use nginx to accomplish this. Set GUNICORN_MEDIA to 0 and edit the docker-compose.override.yml similar to below.

    - ${DOCKERCONFDIR}/recipes/mediafiles:/media

Copy swag/nginx/proxy-confs/recipes.subdomain.conf.sample to recipes.subdomain.conf editing as necessary to match your setup and restart swag.