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Speedtest Tracker runs a speedtest check every hour and graphs the results. The back-end is written in Laravel and the front-end uses React. It uses the Ookla's Speedtest cli package to get the data and uses Chart.js to plot the results.

This program can also be used a home page item in Organizr.

A demo is available here.

Disclaimer: You will need to accept Ookla's EULA and privacy agreements in order to use this container.


This application does not have any specific setup instructions documented. If you need assistance setting up this application please visit our support page.

Base Path

You can set a base path for this application if you want to host it behind a reverse proxy. By default it binds to /, but you can change the variable called SPEEDTEST_BASE_PATH in your .env file to whatever you want and run ds -c up speedtest afterwards.

As usual, we strongly discourage having this application be public facing without some sort of protection in front of it, such as Organizr's Server Auth.


This application supports notifications to some of the most popular services such as Telegram and Discord. Both of these services can be configured either using the application's Web GUI or environment variables through an override.