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MariaDB is one of the most popular database servers. Made by the original developers of MySQL.

The GIT Repository for MariaDB is located at

For security purposes you need to set a root password after adding the container. You can do this my editing the .env file located at ~/.docker/compose/.env. Look for this line MARIADB_MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD. However, while documenting usage of this app we noticed that if you set a password in MARIADB_MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD and PHPMYADMIN_PMA_PASSWORD after running ds -c up the variable PHPMYADMIN_PMA_PASSWORD does not update the necessary files inside the phpmyadmin container.

Our recommendation to avoid headaches is to follow these steps:

  1. From your terminal run ds -a phpmyadmin && ds -a mariadb
  2. Open your .env file and paste your password to MARIADB_MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD and PHPMYADMIN_PMA_PASSWORD. Save the file.
  3. From your terminal run ds -c up

Note: The root password cannot be longer than 32 characters (Source). We also noticed that phpMyAdmin will not work with complex passwords longer than 16 characters. It seems to only support uppercase, lowercase and numbers.

You can create and manage databases directly from inside the MariaDB container but we recommend you use phpMyAdmin to manage your databases.

We heavily recommend that if you spin up a container that requires a database you create a user for that container. We will explain how to do that on the phpMyAdmin page. You should NEVER use the root account for anything other than database management.