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Pi-hole takes over the local DNS service and may conflict with existing DNS services on your server. Ubuntu 18.04 currently uses systemd-resolv to server DNS and needs to be configured to either give up port 53 or be disabled.

Netplan setup

On Ubuntu 18.04 and newer you will have netplan controlling your network and should see for examples on how to configure it. You need to set your nameserver to use your LAN's DNS or a public DNS such as before proceeding with any instructions below.


On Ubuntu 18.04, resolvconf was removed as the default means to control DNS. In addition to the settings mentioned regarding netplan, we recommend setting up resolvconf.

To install run sudo apt install resolvconf

Edit /etc/resolvconf/resolv.conf.d/head using sudo and enter nameserver on the first uncommented line.

Restart the service sudo service resolvconf restart

Stop systemd-resolv from listening on port 53

Edit /etc/systemd/resolved.conf and set DNSStubListener=no (make sure it is not commented out with a # at the beginning of the line) and then run sudo systemctl restart systemd-resolved

If that does not work you can try the following:

Stop and disable systemd-resolv (only if the above does not work)

sudo systemctl stop systemd-resolv.service
sudo systemctl disable systemd-resolv.service

Name resolution for localhost

In most cases it might be required to set your localhost name in /etc/hosts    machinename.localhost    machinename