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SyncLounge is a third party tool that allows you to watch Plex in sync with your friends/family, wherever you are.


SyncLounge works best if you have a domain to use and it is recommended that you use this with the SWAG container supported by DockSTARTer. Also, since some Plex clients can only operate over HTTP, SyncLounge needs to be accessible by HTTP or your users will need to enable mixed content in their browser for ONLY the domain SyncLounge is on.

The below steps assume that you already have the SWAG container selected, configured, and running. If not, do that first or along with steps 1 & 2 below.

  • Enable SyncLounge by running:
ds -a synclounge
  • Complete the DockSTARTer configuration.

  • Make sure to set the SYNCLOUNGE_EXTERNAL_URL setting to the appropriate domain. E.g. - synclouge.yourdomain.tld Otherwise, keep the default settings until you make sure everything is working okay

  • Recreate the container so settings get applied:

ds -c up synclounge
  • Find the file called synclounge.subdomain.conf.sample in your SWAG proxy-confs folder and rename it to synclounge.subdomain.conf (By default, this has HTTP and HTTPS enabled).

  • Restart the SWAG container:

docker restart swag

You should now be able to go to synclouge.yourdomain.tld and use SyncLounge!

Once you verify that everything is working, you can then start tinkering with settings.

If you would rather have SyncLounge running under a different domain as a subfolder, you can use the synclounge.subfolder.conf.sample. This file contains instructions for how to enable HTTP for the domain, how to force HTTP (if desired), as well as how to change the URL SyncLounge operates on.


Override Servers List

If you want to override the Servers List you'll need to create an override to mount your servers file.

  • Create a file called servers.json in your SyncLounge folder (~/.config/appdata/synclounge/) and populate it with servers by following this guide.

  • Your servers.json file should NOT include the "servers": prefix (that is for the settings file which isn't used here). Only [] and the server objects inside should be included.

  • Add or update your override file to include the example below:

      - ${DOCKERCONFDIR}/synclounge/servers.json:/defaults/servers.json
  • Recreate your container:
ds -c up synclounge