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Logarr is a Self-hosted, single-page, log consolidation tool written in PHP

The GIT Repository for Logarr is located at

Logarr Configuration

Logarr configuration has sharing to the logs enabled by default. From within the Logarr container, this is accessible via the /var/log/logarrlogs path. Which is mapped to your ~/.config/appdata path of your host machine.

For Logarr you will need to edit the config.php file to point to the correct log files. This file is located in the ~/.config/appdata/logarr/www/logarr/assets/ folder of your host machine.

Edit the included config to change these lines:

    "Sonarr" => '/var/log/logarrlogs/sonarr/logs/sonarr.txt',
    "Radarr" => '/var/log/logarrlogs/radarr/logs/radarr.txt',