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VPN Information

What VPN Services are available to use through DockSTARTer?

At the moment VPN is only available where we have found a easily configured container that runs as its own self contained unit. TransmissionVPN, SabNzbDVPN, DelugeVPN & rTorrentVPN are currently available.

VPN tun driver

The VPN containers require an adjustment to your host system:

echo "iptable_mangle" | sudo tee /etc/modules-load.d/iptable_mangle.conf
echo "tun" | sudo tee /etc/modules-load.d/tun.conf
sudo reboot

Access VPN containers remotely using LetsEncrypt

If you're attempting to access the Web UI for one of your VPN containers (e.g. TransmissionVPN, DelugeVPN, etc.) from outside of your home network using LetsEncrypt, you will need to modify the LetsEncrypt configuration file to support the name difference. The sample configs are controlled by LSIO, not by DockSTARTer. So this change is required to get the VPN containers running remotely.

The sample proxy configuration files found in .docker/config/letsencrypt/nginx/proxy-confs/ will need to be modified and as usual, have the .sample removed from the filename.

You will also need to edit the appropriate proxy .conf. The below example uses the TransmissionVPN container as an example:

Enter either sudo nano transmission.subfolder.conf or sudo nano transmission.subdomain.conf depending on your configuration desires and change the below line:


   set $upstream_transmission transmission;


   set $upstream_transmission transmissionvpn;

Save the file out and then restart your containers with a ds -c command.

How can I check if my VPN is working?


What if I want to use a VPN for everything?

If you require VPN on all connections it is recommended to install OpenVPN as you normally would ( in /etc/openvpn etc etc) and then having the Docker service started and stopped by the up / down scripts.

You can disable auto starting of the containers by disabling the docker service. On Ubuntu, I used

sudo systemctl disable docker

My consists of

if [[ -L "/sbin/init" ]]; then
    systemctl start docker
    /etc/init.d/docker start

and Down -

if [[ -L "/sbin/init" ]]; then
    systemctl stop docker
    /etc/init.d/docker stop
  • If you make changes to the .env file, you will need to run the generator again. If you stop the OpenVPN service, thereby stopping Docker, the generation might not work. Start your OpenVPN service and run the generation again if it didn't work.
cd ~/.docker/compose
sudo ds -c

PIA with Transmission

For PIA VPN Configuration: These pages come in handy - *

If you run into slow VPN issues, it may be the container is using a default .ovpn config. So you'd use something like this in a Override: OPENVPN_CONFIG=UK Southampton depending on your region/location.