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rTorrentVPN is a Docker build script for Arch Linux base with rtorrent-ps, ruTorrent, autodl-irssi, Privoxy and OpenVPN all included in one image.

The support forum for rTorrentVPN is located here.

rTorrentVPN WebUI Access

If you're attempting to get access to the rTorrentVPN WebUI remotely outside of your home network, you are going to have to do this through a reverse proxy using SWAG. Full details and steps are outlined here VPN Information.

The sample proxy configuration files found in .config/appdata/swag/nginx/proxy-confs/ will need to be modified and as usual, have the .sample removed from the filename.

You will need to edit the appropriate proxy .conf. Enter either sudo nano rutorrent.subfolder.conf or sudo nano rutorrent.subdomain.conf depending on your configuration desires and change the below lines. NOTE: There will be multiple lines that need to be changed.


   set $upstream_rutorrent rutorrent;
   proxy_pass http://$upstream_rutorrent:80;


   set $upstream_rutorrent rtorrentvpn;
   proxy_pass http://$upstream_rutorrent:9080;

Save the file and restart your container by running:

docker restart swag