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The YML files included with and generated by DockSTARTer are NOT meant to be modified.

  • Updating DockSTARTer will overwrite the YML files in ~/.docker/compose/.apps/.
  • The ~/.docker/compose/docker-compose.yml file is generated and rewritten by DockSTARTer when you use the Configuration menu or run sudo ds -c.

If you would like to make some adjustments the best way is to use a docker-compose.override.yml file.

Docker Compose will look for ~/.docker/compose/docker-compose.override.yml. Anything you set in this file will be merged in and take priority over the regular configurations.

You can use this to modify existing apps (such as changing which image an app uses) or adding all the compose configurations needed to run an entirely new app that's not included in DockSTARTer.


version: "3.4"  # this must match the version in docker-compose.yml
    image: hotio/sonarr
      - ${MEDIADIR_TV}:/media

This will change Sonarr to use hotio's image for Sonarr and add a /media volume. Everything else from the original config such as the remaining volumes and environment variables will merge together.