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What DockSTARTer Is

  • DockSTARTer is a script that installs Docker and other dependencies for you.
  • DockSTARTer comes with configurations to run various apps.
  • DockSTARTer can be operated through a friendly GUI of terminal menus.
  • DockSTARTer can be operated through commands for more advanced users who do not prefer the GUI.
  • DockSTARTer is here to give you the freedom to choose what you want to run.
  • DockSTARTer allows you to run apps that are not included using Overrides / Introduction.

What DockSTARTer Is Not

  • DockSTARTer is not a pre-made set of apps that run an exact way (you get to choose what to run and how to run it).
  • DockSTARTer does not configure apps for you (think of it more like installing apps as a service, settings inside the app are still up to you, although our documentation will have recommendations).
  • DockSTARTer does not configure storage for you (you may use local storage, or cloud storage, multiple disks, raid, etc).

System Requirements

Supported Operating Systems

You must be running a Supported Platform or an operating system based on a supported platform. Platforms named below will link to documentation listing compatible versions.

Any operating system based on one of the above (ex: Raspbian) should also work as long as you can install the officially supported script. DockSTARTer will attempt to perform this install for you if possible.

Supported Hardware

Any x86_64 or aarch64 system should be able to run one of the supported operating systems listed above. ARM CPUs may have a limited selection of supported containers.

Windows Support

Currently we recommend installing one of the supported platforms above in a VM. In the future we may be able to support the Windows Subsystem for Linux version 2.